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THIS WEBSITE BEGAN: Once upon a time, there lived an author in a not-so-far-away land. This author, known to many as a poet, fell upon an idea to put his poetry to paper... well, a different type of paper... a poster. And that's just what he did. Now this poster wasn't just any old poem on a piece of paper. This was a poem written from memories of the barbershop and what wonderful things often occur in some of those little shops off the side of the road.

As the barbers bought his poster, he would post them up on his website; none other website than www.EricLFarrell.com of course, for that was the young author's name.

As time went on, his little list of barbers grew longer and longer. Pretty soon it became painfully obvious that something different had to be done. All of those barbershops in all of those different places, scrunched up onto one of the pages of the poet's website just wasn't going to work any longer; not if it was going to be of any use to anybody. And keeping the list updated was quite a bit of work... a bit of work that Mr. Farrell did not want to go to waste. Yes, these shops would have to be broken down by city and state if it was going to be of any use. Such lengthy scrolling to even find one's own city would probably drive the most patient man to consider clicking off elsewhere. And thus was born the idea for www.onebarber.com.

As the author's new barber website proved itself helpful to a few wandering web surfers, he decided to give the site a new look and feel. There is still much work to be done here, as anyone with half an eye will see, but a step forward is a step forward, and that's what this is.
To be continued...

Thanks for visiting onebarber.com!
Check out my other projects on my official website: www.stagepoet.com (www.ericlfarrell.com)
-Éric L Farrell, founder/author
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